WATCH: Instagram Golgappa Recipe Video Goes Viral With Over 21 Million Views

Golgappas, known by various names across India, are a cherished street food delicacy. While savoring these bite-sized delights at a bustling street corner is an unbeatable experience, have you ever considered making them at home? An Instagram video featuring an Indian chef guiding viewers through the process of making golgappas in their own kitchens has taken the internet by storm, amassing over 21 million views in just two days.

In the video, the chef begins his golgappa-making journey with suji (semolina), which he moistens with hot oil and diligently stirs until it warms up. Gradually, he adds water to create a soft dough.

Using this dough, he forms small balls and expertly flattens them into ovals with a rolling pin. These flattened dough pieces are then fried in medium-hot oil until they achieve a golden hue on one side and a light golden shade on the other.

Once perfectly fried, the chef carves a small opening in each golgappa, fills them with aloo masala (potato filling), and places them atop shot glasses filled with pani (spiced water). Voila! Homemade golgappas are now ready to be relished.

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The video has garnered immense attention and love from food enthusiasts worldwide, with the comment section overflowing with compliments and requests for recipes. Food lovers can’t seem to get enough of this fuss-free golgappa recipe.

Someone commented, “Looks yummy.” Another person commented, “Yummy dikh raha hai [looks yummy].” One user asked, “Aatte wale gol gappe bhi bata do [please share the wheat golgappa recipe as well].” “Pani ki recipe bhi do [please share pani recipe],” an Instagram user inquired.

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