Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear friends,

For many years, journalists have been the conscience of modern democracy. Without them, some of the most significant stories to impact our planet would have been swept under the rug. Journalists have held an essential place in our world. They are the gatekeepers of how information is shared and understood.

I believe that journalism is a fantastic method to serve the public and have an impact on the community. Journalism is impossible without a moral stance. The moralist in every journalist. It cannot be avoided. A journalist is someone who observes how the world functions, examines events closely each day and publishes what they reveal, and who speaks on behalf of the world and the event. Without passing judgement on what they observe, they cannot perform their duties. ThePearl will restate the commitment to maintain the highest standards of editorial quality, ethical standards and professionalism.

What is our mission statement?

“To inspire and support innovation and excellence in digital journalism.”

Our goal is to be the top source of news, information, and first-hand accounts for the public. Even while journalism is at the core of what we do, we also want to inform the public.

Our Vision

Our goal is to serve as the community’s information hub. To better engage and inform the public, the journalistic community innovates audaciously.

Our Values

The internet, in our opinion, is the most potent new communication tool since the invention of television. Digital distribution methods bring complicated difficulties and opportunities for journalists as well as the news audience as a rising portion of the global population turns to them as their major news source.

integrity: The line between news and other information must always be evident, the source of the information must be obvious, and explicit steps to verify the information must be made, according to responsible journalism employing cutting-edge tools and platforms.

Inclusivity : Diverse viewpoints are essential for sympathetic storytelling, fostering innovation, and breaking into new markets, and they are contributed by diversity and inclusion in all media roles.

Journalistic Ethics : Our goal is to serve as the community’s information hub. The greatest standards of fairness, accuracy, objectivity, and responsible independent reporting should be upheld by journalists when disseminating, obtaining, reviewing, and correlating information.
Excellence : Journalists should employ reporting tools, design strategies, and distribution channels strategically as they attempt to tell the best stories possible, regardless of the media.

Community : For the communities they cover as well as for one another, journalists should promote an environment that is thriving, respectful, and encouraging.

Freedom of Expression : Journalists will fight for unrestricted access to public information and officials and must be allowed to report the news without fear of retaliation, detention, or personal injury. They will promote the public’s right to information and freedom of speech regarding the news.

Where will we be positioned?

The highest level of professionalism is required in the field of journalism. ThePearl is steadfastly committed to its goals and objectives, and we will reach out to the general public and residents to inform them of the newest information.

How is ThePearl different?

There has always been a conflict in journalism between being the first and being the right one, but The Pearl is steadfastly committed to being the right one over being the first. The issue of fake news is prevalent in social media journalism. We don’t care about platforms. The barrier to entry for news media entrepreneurs has been significantly lowered by digital technologies. We can quickly reach larger, more relevant audiences thanks to it. We will blend innovative editorial thought with the astute technological application. As we unveil the full range of our services, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and criticism. The Pearl is your platform, so feel free to speak your mind. You can reach me directly at as@thepearl.in. With warm best wishes and happy reading/watching/listening, Ankur Shukla

Founder and Editor-in-Chief