ITZY’s Lia to take a break over ‘extreme tension’, pens note: I’ve been losing myself

ITZY member Lia will take a break from her scheduled activities temporarily due to health concerns. As per Soompi, JYP Entertainment shared an announcement on Monday via ITZY’s official fan community. The decision was taken after Lia experienced ‘extreme tension and anxiety’. Lia also posted a handwritten letter for fans on the Instagram account of ITZY. (Also Read | ITZY returns with a bang! Cake MV sparks excitement and empowerment among fans)

ITZY member Lia wrote a note on Instagram.

ITZY’s Lia to halt activities

The statement read, “Hello, this is JYPE. We would like to inform you about the status of ITZY member Lia’s health and her future activities. Lia underwent consultation and examination as she is experiencing extreme tension and anxiety about carrying out her scheduled activities and received medical advice that she needs rest and treatment.”

“With the artist’s health as our top priority, after careful discussion with the members, we decided that Lia will not participate in scheduled activities starting from today and will take a break for the time being to focus on her treatment. The timing of Lia’s resumption of activities will be decided after sufficient discussion between Lia and the members. We sincerely apologize for causing concern to fans. We will announce Lia’s resumption of activities as soon as it is decided. Thank you,” it added.

Lia pens note for fans

Lia’s post on Instagram, as per Soompi, read, “Hello, MIDZY. I think MIDZY must have been surprised to hear today’s news. Since MIDZY worries about me more than anyone else even when I am a little sick, I was worried that you would be heartbroken and sad when you heard the news. But at the same time, because MIDZY knows and believes in me more than anyone else, I was able to muster the courage, knowing you would understand and wait for me.”

“It’s been six years since I began this journey together with the members I met through our shared dream! I was able to go through that time and come this far thanks to the members and MIDZY. It feels like we’ve passed by so many things one after another. Of course, those times must also be filled with our memories and happy moments we spent together. Although they were such precious times, I came to realize that I’ve been gradually losing myself while running up to this point,” she added.

Lia says she needs some time off

“MIDZY are the people that I am always grateful to more than anyone else, so my only wish is to give you my love and happiness back. To that end, I felt like I needed to take some time off to love and fill myself first. As I always say, I sincerely hope that MIDZY will be happy. I will work to return in good health in order to repay how much MIDZY wait and worry for me. Thank you always, and I love you. From Lia,” ended the note.

About ITZY

ITZY, formed by JYP Entertainment, debuted on February 12, 2019. The group consists of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. They debuted with the release of their single album It’z Different. They have earned many awards so far.

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