Iran Locks Horns With U.S., Europe; Expels Inspectors Monitoring Nuclear Program | ‘Misusing IAEA’

Iran has slammed the U.S. and European parties to the 2015 nuclear agreement. It accused the U.S. and three European parties of misusing the UN nuclear watchdog. Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the international atomic energy agenda has been politicised despite Tehran’s positive interaction with the agency. The statement was in response to remarks by IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi. Watch the video for more. #iran #raisi #us #biden #eu #grossi #iaea #nuclear #agreement #un #tehran #europeanunion Hindustan Times Videos bring you news, views and explainers about current issues in India and across the globe. We’re always excited to report the news as quickly as possible, use new technological tools to reach you better and tell stories with a 360 degree view to give you a better understanding of the world around you.


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