Every Police Station In Surat Now Has ‘SHE’ Team To Focus On Women & Children

Every police station in Gujarat’s Surat now has a ‘SHE team’ comprising a unit of women officers to attend to distress calls and complaints from women. The key motive of this initiative is to encourage women to approach the police if they face any crime. This team will focus on providing a conducive environment for the women to file a complaint or narrate their harrowing experiences. The special SHE team conducts several awareness programs that focus on topics such as good touch and bad touch (for school students), traffic advisory, cyber awareness, and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) related cases. During the awareness programs, the SHE team is usually accompanied by a trainer who teaches self-defence to the children. SHE stands for Safety, Health and Environment and the team aims to provide safety and security to the women.

Deputy Police Commissioner Surat, Crime Branch, Rupal Solanki while talking about the SHE team said, “Vadodara marked the beginning of the formation of SHE team. After the ‘Nirbhaya’ case of Delhi, some serious thought was put into the formation of the SHE team and the Commissioner of Police ensured the strict implementation of this plan across the city. Every police station in the city now has a SHE team.”

While talking about the function of the SHE teams, Solanki said, “They conduct several awareness programs – good touch and bad touch programs in schools, traffic advisory, cyber awareness, POSCO-related cases…A trainer goes along with the SHE Team that teaches the children self-defence.” says Rupal Solanki, Deputy Police Commissioner Surat, Crime Branch on awareness programs in Surat.

With the rise in cases of harassment and eve-teasing against women, these SHE teams aim to curb them and keep them in check so that the women of the nation feel secure whether they are working professionals or housewives for that matter. 

These recent developments are being made by the police to establish a more friendly and helpful relationship with the public so that they can approach the officials without much hesitation. 

If you are a woman and have experienced any activity which harms or threatens to harm your safety and security then you can freely approach any SHE team at any police station in Surat and the officials will take care of the matter. 

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