Does Homemade Rosemary Water Really Make Your Hair Shinier And Healthier? See What Experts Say

The appeal of natural hair care therapies has led to the development of homemade mixtures such as rosemary water. Rosemary water, according to some people, may improve hair health and sparkle and even encourage quicker growth. While rosemary is a pleasant plant with potential uses, it’s crucial to evaluate these claims while understanding the science behind them.

Dr. Madhu Chopra, who is the MBBS, DORL, Cosmetologist and Managing Director of Studio Aesthetique, Mumbai said, “Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for its claimed health advantages, including hair health promotion. It has a number of substances, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, that may help to improve the look and condition of hair. Due to its capacity to block specific enzymes linked to hair loss, one of the main components of rosemary, rosmarinic acid, has been hypothesised to have possible benefits that may promote hair growth.”

Benefits Of Rosemary Water:

Dr Debeshi Bhattacharjee, who is an MBBS, DALM, FAAM and Award winning Clinical Cosmetologist; Medical Head & Founder of Lueur Aesthetics – Northeast’s highest rated, most advanced & most trusted Aesthetic Clinic said, “Homemade rosemary water is often touted as a natural remedy for promoting shinier, healthier hair and even stimulating hair growth. While it’s essential to approach such claims with a degree of scepticism, there is some scientific basis and anecdotal evidence to suggest that rosemary water may offer certain benefits for hair care.”

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is an aromatic herb commonly used in cooking, but it also has a long history of use in traditional medicine and herbal remedies. Here’s a breakdown of how homemade rosemary water might affect your hair as listed down by Dr. Debeshi:

  • Improves Scalp Health: Rosemary is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. When used as a hair rinse, rosemary water may help maintain a healthy scalp by reducing dandruff and soothing any irritation. A healthy scalp is crucial for promoting overall hair health.
  • Strengthens Hair: Rosemary contains antioxidants that can help protect hair from damage caused by free radicals. This can lead to stronger and less brittle hair, making it less prone to breakage.
  • Enhances Shine: The natural compounds in rosemary may add shine to your hair. By reducing product buildup and clarifying the scalp, rosemary water may help your hair appear shinier and more lustrous
  • DIY Convenience: Homemade rosemary water is relatively easy to prepare. You can steep fresh or dried rosemary leaves in hot water, let it cool, and then use it as a final rinse after shampooing and conditioning your hair.

Does Homemade Rosemary Water Really Make Your Hair Shinier And Healthier?

To this, Dr. Madhu Chopra said, “It is a bit more complicated to claim that rosemary water may quicken hair development. Rosmarinic acid and other components in rosemary may have the ability to stimulate hair follicles, according to some research, although the data is sparse and not conclusive. The intricate process of hair development is controlled by genetics, hormonal variables, and general health. It could be extremely optimistic to claim that rosemary water alone would significantly increase hair growth. It’s vital to approach these promises with caution and think of them as a component of a comprehensive hair care strategy rather than a quick fix.”

“There are important things to keep in mind when thinking about using homemade rosemary water. First, the preparation and concentration of the rosemary water are important. An extremely concentrated combination might irritate the scalp, while a mild infusion would not produce noticeable benefits. And consistency is crucial. Any possible advantages of rosemary water might take some time to show themselves, and occasional use might not produce the effects you want. It’s crucial to be patient and incorporate it into a regular hair care regimen,” she further added.

Additionally, because everyone has different sensitivities, what works for one person may not be appropriate for another. Before using rosemary water on your scalp, it is advised to conduct a patch test to look for any negative responses.

Frequency In Which Rosemary Water Should Be Used:

Shivam Tyagi, who is the Founder of Fytika Healthcare said, “When you boil the rosemary and use Rosemary water it becomes a miraculous herb for your hair. It contains antioxidant properties that help to protect your hair and scalp from pollution and is also rich with nutrients that prevent damaged hair follicles that lead to hair loss. When you use Rosemary water, it helps in the blood circulation that allows your hair follicles to receive an adequate amount of blood, leading to shinier and healthier hair with proper hair growth. But it is very important to note that a person should use it in an adequate amount, as using it in an improper way can also lead to its side effects like itchiness in your scalp. So try to rinse it twice a week rather than daily.”

“Also, make sure, the Rosemary water you are preparing can only be stored for a week only, don’t use that water for more than a week. While you are spraying the water on your scalp, massage it properly. Massaging your scalp with Rosemary water can give better and faster results. Also, it is advisable to use this water at least for 3 months regularly, in that time frame person should start seeing the results.”

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