China says no to fireworks: ‘No fireworks at Asian Games opening ceremony’

Traditionally, in the opening ceremonies of big sports tournaments, fireworks are an integral part of the festivities, but China have announced that there won’t be any for the Asian Games starting on September 23.

“The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will break the tradition of having fireworks performance, as we are sticking to a green philosophy in hosting the event,” said Sha Xiaolan, the general director of the games’ opening ceremony. 

According to a world bank report, China emits 27 percent of global carbon dioxide and a third of the world’s greenhouse gases. “To reach net-zero emissions by 2060, the report estimates China needs between US$14-17 trillion in additional investments for green infrastructure and technology in the power and transport sectors alone,” the report read. 

“As we want to reduce the carbon emissions as much as possible, so we have decided to cut the fireworks performances,” Xiaolan said. 

Instead, new technologies and visual effects will be used to showcase the theme of the ‘people, beauty, and emotions’. 

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“The most important thing is that we want to spread our philosophy of environmental protection, and that’s why we finally made the decision,” Sha said. 

They have opened the Asian Games village in Hangzhou on Saturday to host athletes, technical staff and the media. China’s sports delegation was the first to check in at the Games Village. Vinod Kumar Tiwari, acting director general of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), praised the Village as “beautiful and outstanding”.

“I can see all your dreams have become reality – and we are standing here together in a truly magnificent Asian Games Village,” he said.

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