About Us

The Pearl is an emerging media platform where readers come for daily news related to Legal, Politics, Technology, Literature, Entertainment, Sports, Culture etc.

ThePearl is a news organization working for the common good and spreading awareness to the citizens. The Pearl is working on the ground stories and covering the uncovered part of India. The focus of ThePearl is on the ground report and the latest news. ThePearl is trying to reach the maximum number of citizens and keep them updated through the latest news coverage and stories. ThePearl is doing exclusive stories and covers articles about the latest trends.

We aim to Facilitate news and information, that is accurate, fair, balanced, objective, transparent, and produced in a manner that is consistent with editorial integrity by all involved. We are committed to being a fair and equal-opportunity newsroom.

Matthew Arnold a poet and critic once said, “journalism is literature In a hurry.” But today we can say everything that is in hurry is considered to be a piece of news. The world is going through a lot of things that made us think about it. Often we hear that journalism is dying and journalists do have not time to indulge in real-time stories and cover the grounds for the news. ThePearl is the right place to make the citizens understand that journalism is not yet died and true journalists are still on the ground in the search for ground stories and news.

The Pearl will be firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values. We are accountable for the ethics of journalism and follow the core principles of ethical journalism that is Truth & Accuracy, Independence, Fairness and Impartiality, Humanity and Accountability.

Read this letter from our Editor-Founder Ankur Shukla on why ‘The Pearl’, and what it stands for.

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